Moving to Tasmania? 10 Changes Your Family Can Expect

There’s no doubt that interstate migration to Tasmania is growing.  In fact, a recent survey by the University of Tasmania found that there had been a 20% increase in the number of ‘mainlanders’ moving to Tasmania.  The main drivers were climate, environmental factors and lifestyle.

Once considered the end of the earth, Tasmania has found it’s own in recent years and now provides families with an array of lifestyle options.  It is generally more affordable than most of the other capital cities, and still boasts some of the cleanest air in the world (it may not be on everyone’s list, but after intense bushfire seasons in NSW and VIC it has become more front of mind). Lockdowns associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic also got people thinking about what is important in life and Tasmania undoubtedly offers a more balance lifestyle.

So wondering what a move to Tasmania could bring? Below are 10 light-hearted things you and your family can expect.

  1. Things slow down – that’s not to say that there is no pressure, but there definitely seems to be less of the ‘rat race’.
  2. There are not so many “Joneses” to keep up with.  You won’t be judged for dropping your kid off at school 30 seconds after the bell has gone, with your nightie still obviously tucked into the trackpants you’ve thrown on to get out the door.  If your child is dressed, has the resemblance of a packed lunch and a sun hat, you’ll be fine.
  3. Dads play a more active role!  This is just my observation, but there seems to be more ability/willingness for Dads to be involved.  At school pick up, swimming lessons, or at the playground (at 10 am on a Tuesday), you’ll notice just as many Dads as Mums.  It’s refreshing.
  4. You’ll find your kids are interested in outdoor activities you’d never thought of.  Mountain biking, orienteering, hiking etc. 
  5. You won’t be shunned for not having a high school placement sorted by the time your child can walk.  This is my favourite.  Hobart has some good Public High Schools and quite a supply of Catholic and Private schools.  The fees are cheaper, and placements for most don’t need to be secured until year 4 or 5.
  6. Despite trying your best to resist, you will invest in a puffer jacket within your first six months of moving here.  By the second year you’ll have multiple, in different styles and colours.
  7. Unfortunately, you’ll still have to deal with traffic.  Hobartians love their cars and as such there is still a definite peak-hour (although this finishes much earlier than in the bigger capitals).  This is often made worse by their inability to merge (you’ll know what I mean when you move here).
  8. It’s a nightmare to get kids to bed in the middle of summer.  You won’t have to deal with the hot nights which make sleep unbearable, but you will curse daylight savings when it’s still bright outside at 9 pm – trying to convince your children that it is well and truly past bedtime.
  9. We do have Uber.  Just not David Jones or our own AFL team – yet.
  10. Your skin does ‘thicken’.  You’ll soon find yourself telling your friends that a 20-degree day in Hobart is really like a 26 degree day in Sydney.  And you’ll believe it.

Tasmania really does have some great things to offer families and as someone who was born and raised in Hobart I’m comforted to know that it is now on most people’s list of place to visit, if not to aspire to move to permanently.

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