Tips for buying in Hobart in 2020

Tips for buying in Hobart in 2020

Has COVID-19 made moving interstate more difficult? Read below for some useful tips for moving interstate in 2020.

Months of lock-down has given people a lot of time to reflect on their lives and to work out what really is important to them. Time at home has also left many craving for more space, both indoors and out, and has led to some fleeing the big cities in search of a more enriching or calming lifestyle.

This has been made possible, in part, by the government’s work-from home directive and the realisation by employers and employees that many people can in fact manage their roles from home and do so effectively and efficiently. Therefore, the need to be in close commuting distance to the office is no longer essential and the decision to move has become easier for some.

However, despite the decision to move being made more easily, logistically, COVID-19 has created some barriers for people trying to purchase property and relocate interstate.

As border restrictions ease, many people are still faced with the dilemma of how to purchase interstate when the prospect of jumping on a plane to inspect properties is enough to send their heart rate soaring. And even for those who are relatively calm about travelling again, availability and reliability of flights, along with ongoing quarantine requirements are likely to be prohibitive to say the least.

This does not mean your dreams of buying in Hobart need to go on hold. The real estate industry has adapted to the social distancing restrictions and as a result agents are becoming more creative. Many are now live streaming their open houses, and an increasing number of online listings now have virtual tours available. A small word of warning – don’t forget the agent is legally obliged to act in the best interest of the vendor and to obtain them the best price. Videos, as with all marketing material, will likely focus on the property’s best attributes and not its flaws.

Here are our 6 tips for buying a property in Hobart in 2020

Buying in Hobart

  1. Ask the agent for a virtual tour to give you a better idea of the property’s true condition and layout. You can time the walk-through to help answer important deal-breaker questions, like “does it get sun in the afternoon” and “is the noise from the road audible in the morning” etc.
  2. Make sure you have them walk to the street and look at the neighbours’ properties. You can get a good idea of the feel of a neighbourhood by viewing the condition of their homes.
  3. Use Google Maps. Street-view and satellite options can tell you a lot. It can identify any potential issues with being overlooked by neighbouring properties, any undesirable buildings near-by and also the property’s proximity to local services, cafes, shops, parks etc.
  4. Join local groups on social media. There are many community groups that have been created to help people with their interstate move. Locals answer questions about suburbs, schools and what it is like living in a particular area. It can give you comfort knowing a bit more about the locals whilst we don’t have the option of frequent visits.
  5. Utilise friends and family who are local to inspect the property first. That way you only make the trip for the ones that are really worth it.
  6. Consider using the services of a buyers agent if you do not have anyone local to call on. A buyers agent works solely for the benefit of the buyer. They can view multiple properties on your behalf and will ensure that you have the full picture. They are also experienced negotiators so can help ensure that you pay the right price given current market conditions.

Renting In Hobart

The other option is to rent a property upon relocating interstate and spend the following few months visiting as many areas as possible to see which one best fits your requirements. This in fact, has been made easier in many cases since COVID-19.

Due to the lack of tourists many investors have moved their properties from short-term holiday websites back into the standard renting pool and are accepting longer term leases (3,6 and 12 months in some cases). This has led to an increased number of properties available to lease in many holiday hot spots and has made it easier for people coming from interstate to secure accommodation. Keep in mind that these properties are generally fully furnished so you may need to keep your things in storage until you secure your own property.

So, whether your reason to move is driven by employment, a desire to be close to family, an urge to escape the city crowds or just to try something different, don’t feel your plans to move to Hobart must be put on hold. Now, more than ever we need to do what is right by ourselves and our families, forget the daily grind and live the life we really want. And it doesn’t get much better than Tasmania.

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